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Columbus House of Hope

Columbus House of Hope is a secure, safe, comfortable place for children and families to heal after domestic abuse and family violence in St. Paul. We are a 20-bed shelter and keep the location of Columbus House secret to protect the confidentiality of the families we support and the safety of everyone there. Anyone is allowed to stay at Columbus House for up to one month.

CAPELLA CENTRE’S Columbus house of hope

Shelter Facilities Include:

Emergency Bedrooms

A warm inviting atmosphere valuable in promoting restful sleep, critical for individuals healing from trauma.

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Kitchen & Dining

Safe Haven - a place where families eat together, laugh and connect. Food nurtures the mind, body and soul.

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Hair Salon

Recovering from the effects of trauma can be a challenging journey. Rebuilding a sense of self by practicing self care is an important step in the healing process.

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Laundry & Bath Facilities

Our shared, private washrooms and laundry facilities help women and children feel safe, secure and comfortable.

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Family Room

The family room offers a space where families can spend time together, promoting healing and strengthening of the family unit.

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Intake Room

The intake room provides a safe, confidential, trauma informed space for women and children when they first go into the emergency shelter.

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School Room

A Certified Teacher works with school aged children in shelter, allowing them to continue their education without leaving the safety and security of the shelter.

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Sensory Room

Trained staff support individuals with emotional regulation using the senses. The sensory room is designed to promote mental and physical relaxation.

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Family Visitation Room

Our family visitation room provides a safe, confidential space for women and children to meet with family members and others to help build their support systems.

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Living Room

Designed for relaxing and socializing the living room helps women and children develop connections with each other. These connections help to empower and encourage.

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Our trauma informed playroom is designed to help children deal with stress and past trauma.

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Playground equipment promotes physical activity, known to improve mental and physical health in children . Safety and security is ensured with a fence enclosing the entire back yard.

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Transitional Apartment Housing

Transitional Housing is made up of self-contained units with wrap-around supports. Transitional Housing provides safety, security and support for families transitioning to independence.

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Encouraging Spiritual Health

Designed for multi-faith use: praying, meditating and smudging. Spiritual healing is a critical step when healing from trauma.

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Space is limited in Columbus House of Hope, so if you can please call ahead at 780-645-5195 or fill in the form below. If you are escaping an immediate situation, come knock on our door. We may not be able to house everyone, but we will help everyone, and if you are in an emergency situation you will not have to worry about where a place to sleep.